• Mohit Pal

    Mohit Pal

    ( Student )

    Good Nutritionist. I has high BMI. Dr. Vani’s treatment helped me to reduce the weight according to my height. She suggested me with the proper diet chart. I followed strictly. In 2 months i reduced 10 kgs. Recommended Nutritionist in Hyderabad. Thank you Dr. Vani for your guidance.

  • Monideepa Ghosh Sengupta

    Monideepa Ghosh Sengupta

    ( Housewife )

    If you wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle and are health concern, then you have come to the right nutritionist. Dr. Vani Srinivas is an amazing doctor and I have been enrolled with her since past 1 year. She has changed my mindset about a healthy diet and has encouraged me a lot of stuff that I thought increase weight. She motivated me to stick to a healthy lifestyle no matter how difficult I find. But also, at the same time she understands the challenges I face for my health issues and keeps guiding and motivating me for the same. It’s not easy to adapt to a healthy life choice but certainly becomes a bit better when someone like her is their to guide you. Thank you Dr. Vani Srinivas for the best healthcare guidance.

  • Carol Hill

    Carol Hill

    ( Marketing Manager )

    Very Good Nutritionist in Manikonda. Got good results after taking harmonal imbalance related treatment from Dr. Vani Srinivas. Thank you Dr. Vani.

  • Arihanth Sharma

    Arihanth Sharma

    ( Bank Manager )

    I visited for Weight Loss Treatment. Normally diet plans sound boring and uninteresting, but Dr. Vani’s diet plans are not !! There’s lot of varieties and options and that too according to your body type. I enjoyed following her diet plan and achieved the target, losing 15 kg weight within 3 months. Highly recommended. Treatment satisfaction. Very good and experienced doctor. I Thanks alot to Dr. Vani Srinivas.

  • - Ch Sindhu Sadhana  -

    - Ch Sindhu Sadhana -

    ( Company Secretary )

    One of the best thing in the Astra wellness & Nutrition is the hospitality, and Astra is one of the best in them.Once I suffered from Nutrition deficiency, my friend recommended me for Astra. Guys, You wouldn’t believe they give me best satisfaction within 10 days I got to recover from it and fully satisfied.

  • - M Narayana Rao -

    - M Narayana Rao -

    ( Business Man )

    Astra wellness & Nutrition Hospital is by far the best hospital, I observed in my life. Because the staff attitude and infrastructure and medical care I like the most. If you want to do your treatment in the good hospital without the tension of money. Please visit Astra wellness and Nutrition.Thank You!

  • - G Sravanthi -

    - G Sravanthi -

    ( CRM Developer )

    Astra wellness and nutrition, situated in Hyderabad is very renowned and specialist for the treatment in all most all type of serious sickness for all age group of patients. It is lashed with the best qualification / medical degree, experienced, capable doctors, nurses and civilised staff, dedicated towards their work and service in all the scheduled time, prescribed by Hospital administration. The hospital remains opened 24 x 7 hrs for service with a very good and attractive infrastructure.Doctors and all related staves are found always attentive towards medical care for all type of patients.

  • - Suresh Bldawa  -

    - Suresh Bldawa -

    ( Wholesale Dealer )

    Medical care is also impressive and Doctors are very gentle, means u will feel like that a genius hospital.Staff attitude and behaviour is also impressive.

  • - Sandya Rani K -

    - Sandya Rani K -

    ( Software Developer )

    The staff is truly caring and supportive and cleanliness everywhere is amazingly good. All the staff members especially nurses are very very supportive and caring, they all are experienced and trained. All the supporting staff are specially trained in their works and can handle effectively any situation whatever come to them. The environment in the hospital is very hygienic and clean, the cleaning workers are very polite and do their duties very polity.