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Health is the ultimate wealth. Being healthy has become the utmost priority these days.

With all the time and energy, we tend to invest in our career, relationships, entertainment and finances, its highly important to realize that we should dedicate and invest some time daily for our health.

The investment we put into taking care of our body and health will give you infinite returns in the form of a better quality of life and longevity and thus you can be left out with lots of more energetic filled time for your Career, Relationships, Entertainment and Finances.


This programme entitles a detailed telephonic or video consultation with our Clinical Nutritionist, Vani Srinivas. A detailed Family History, Medical history, Surgical history and Personal history will be taken.

Second step is where your dietary and lifestyle habits are recorded, your past eating habits , present eating habits, food allergies, food cravings, junk food habits etc..

Third step constitutes of analyzing all the recent blood reports and assessing the medical aspect your organs , systems, hormonal deficiencies and enzyme levels of various organs in our body.

Final step is the step of designing a detailed , personalized diet plan suitable exclusively for you, taking into consideration all the details recorded above. The required supplements will be advised according to the deficiency levels of that particular vitamin or mineral or according to the chronic symptomatology.

The diet plan will be changed once in 14 days and a weekly follow up by the Nutritionist will help in assessing the status of the diet plan working within the body. This helps in writing the next diet plan with more personalized changes that will work in a better way each time the diet plan is changed.

A minimum of 2-3 days will be the time period for you to receive your diet plan , once the blood reports are received.

Always remember, before concluding on your decision of taking up this wellness programme, are you ready to be disciplined, focused, love you self to the extent of giving the best to your divine body and finally only if you have complete faith in our programme , from the beginning till the end.




2 MONTHS: @9000/-



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