Dr.Vani's Kids Diet Plan

Dr.Vani Srinivas MBBS MD FAN( Fellowship in Applied Nutrition) is a medical Doctor, done her post-graduation in Biochemistry, and later has done Fellowship in Applied nutrition at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, Certified Degree of Human Applied Nutrition- Cambridge, UK.

Every parent is always concerned about their child’s nutrition and wants to provide proper nutrition for their kid. Hence, there needs to be a proper diet chart for your kid.

Before giving nutrition or preparing a kid’s nutrition chart, it is important you understand the need for proper nutrition for your child. The right nutrition is the stepping stone for the child’s body to grow well both physically and mentally.

Astra wellness diet and nutrition for kids program are one the best child nutrition programs in Hyderabad for choosing the right diet and nutrition for children. 


What is the Astrawellness diet and nutrition for kids program?

It’s the ultimate program that helps you plan your child’s optimum nutrition. This can be planned better through personal consultancy and nutritional planning from the best nutritionist consultant in Hyderabad. This program follows a unique structure that is customized according to your child’s needs. While planning this diet program, the best dietitian in Hyderabad keeps your child’s body, eating habits, and problems in mind.


Some of the features of our program

  • Personalized care and attention to your child’s nutrition need
  • A well-designed personalized diet chart for your child
  • Online consultation from home’s comfort
  • Consultation from the best nutritionists and other experts
  • Guarantee complete confidentiality of your child and parents information
  • Monitoring of your child’s growth and development through different techniques
  • Some secret tips for parents as well


How does this program go?

Online consultation: Due to time constraints, work, and a hectic lifestyle, if you cannot bring your child to our clinic, we offer the convenience of online consulting. The first and most important thing is you should be comfortable and tell our experts all your concerns. We will first understand your concerns about your child’s nutrition. We will discuss the issues your child is facing and come up with the best solution for your child. With online consultation, you can discuss your child’s concerns at the comfort of your home with a laptop or your phone. You can share your child’s medical history with us through video consultation.

Diagnosis: To determine which nutrients are deficient in your child, we will do a blood test, find out about the body’s performance and deficiency. This helps the best nutritionist in Hyderabad to decide what should be done. Also, with lots of other techniques, we will analyze your child’s physical health and help them to achieve optimum health goals.

If you are worried that your child does not eat food or does not like homemade food, as a result, getting weak day by day, we will find an alternate solution for that as well.

Clinic Consultation: After collecting all the details about your child, you will have one to one consultation with the clinical nutritionist in Hyderabad, Mrs. Vani. Astra Wellness Nutrition is the best kid’s diet clinic that provides the best solution for your child’s health. They will provide you with the best diet plan which is personalized and satisfies your child’s nutrition needs. Also, we will provide some supplements if needed for fulfilling your child’s nutritional requirements. Our doctors are very friendly and experts in child nutrition who will explain to them why food nutrients are important and what role they play.


What are the features of the Astrawellness Diet and Nutrition for Kids program?

Astra wellness diet and nutrition for kids program is the best program for child nutrition. In this program, we:

  • We first conduct your child’s checkup and see what nutrients are deficit ones are less in your child
  • Understand child’s psychology and will suggest the best techniques for making your child eat the right food
  • Find the root cause of anybody issues and define a nutrition plan accordingly
  • Give you a personalized diet chart that covers all your child’s nutrition needs. The diet needs to be followed for at least 14 days.


There will be a weekly follow-up given by the nutritionist, who will help understand the status of the diet plan. This helps a nutritionist to make changes in the next diet plan if required.

For your child to be fit mentally and physically, the right nutrition is a prerequisite. It just cannot be ignored. Nutrition plays a crucial role in how your child behaves, their mental well-being, and their daily performance. Getting the right amount of nutrition is very much crucial for a child’s future. And with the Astrawellness diet and nutrition kids program, your child’s needs are satisfied with our expert’s consultation.


Which is the Best Diet and Nutrition for Kids center in Hyderabad?

Without any doubt, the Astrawellness diet and nutrition kids program is the best nutrition program in Hyderabad for kids. Here in this program, all aspects are designed in a way that your child learns to eat what is important for her body.

Our experts understand kids’ psychology and provide the best solution accordingly, ensuring that his favorite foods become a part of his daily meal and also provide optimum nutrition. Many children are used to eating junk foods daily, which adversely affects their digestive system and mood swings. We are here to educate and empower your kids to limit their junk food consumption and rely more on healthy foodstuffs.

Because of social media and television, children see ads and demand food that is not good for his/her body. This results in developing wrong food habits. Hence, we are here to provide the right solution and help your child develop healthy habits which will help him as an adult later.

The first and foremost important thing is that parents should get the knowledge about child nutrition, so we make parents aware of what are the do’s and don’t parents need to follow for the proper development of their child.

Hence, the Astrawellness child nutrition and diet program is the best program for your child’s nutrition and healthy future ahead.

With lots of information available, people get confused about what is right and what is wrong; also, there is hardly any solution that takes care of your personalized needs. That’s when Dr. Vani comes into the picture to guide you properly.

In this program, we also suggest the physical and mental activities your kid should perform for all-around development and what nutrients and food are required to excel your child’s physical and mental well-being.


Who is the best dietician in Hyderabad for kids?

Dr. Vani Srinivas MBBS MD FAN( Fellowship in Applied Nutrition) is a Medical Doctor who specializes in treating patients with food. Alterations and slight adjustments in daily food habits, as well as lifestyle, helps in treating patients and prevent them from further complications.

She offers customized diet charts for each and every individual depending upon their medical condition, age, sex, height, weight, race, etc.

Dr. Vani Srinivas is one of the very few Doctors who has pursued a clinical nutrition course. Dr. Vani has nearly 12 years of experience in her medical profession. After understanding her own passion and a keen interest in Food and Nutrition, she has done her fellowship in applied nutrition.

Dr. Vani has reformed the eating habits of many children as she gets along with kids very well and explains to them why certain meals are important. She understands your child’s nutrition need and provides the best solution which makes this program completely personalized. 

She will design a perfect diet chart that will satisfy your child nutrition need,

Food and nutrition is a very crucial aspect. If the right food and nutrition care is provided to your child at the right age, it helps them grow better mentally and physically. For all these, you should consult an expert like Dr. Vani, who is qualified and well experienced in this field for all this.

Dr. Vani knows which food is perfect for your child, the ideal time for your child to eat food, how many calories your child should consume, and many more things. Eating food is a different thing, but proper absorption of food is also needed, and to ensure this thing and for solution for many more problems you need an expert like Dr. Vani.

Academic Experirnce

MBBS – Kakatiya medical college, Warangal.

MD – Gandhi medical college, Hyderabad.

FAN – Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Certified in Human Applied Nutrition – Cambridge, UK.