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Wheatgrass is actually young grass of the Wheat plant. Along with the abundance of Minerals and Vitamins, it is even loaded with Chlorophyll, the live, green pigment, which is proven to be highly effective in the prevention of many chronic diseases.

The fibre in wheatgrass can be a blessing food if at all you are suffering from any constipation.

The B- Complex and the Vitamin – C in the Wheatgrass helps in increasing your metabolism, thus can help in weight management as well as for patients suffering from PCOS, HYPOTHYROIDISM, DIABETES, and Arthritis.

Wheatgrass is rich in Iron and Chlorophyll, plays a major role in curing any low hemoglobin issues like Anemia, and also the chlorophyll, specifically helps in cleansing the blood and acts as a natural blood purifier. When your blood is clean, abundant, and flows properly, you rarely experience any low energy issues. So, if at all, if you feel you have low energy, compared to the workload ahead of you, make a habit of consuming a tablespoon of wheatgrass powder in juices or buttermilk or just warm water or soups, etc.

Vitamin – E and Selenium, in Wheatgrass powder are powerful antioxidants, which are highly useful in the prevention of cancer. They are even helpful in the prevention of complications and healing in Cancer patients.

Other than the above mention health benefits, Wheatgrass helps in cleansing the liver and also builds immunity. It even contains some protein in it, so it can happily add to your post[1]workout banana or oats milkshake for that muscle build.

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