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Reheating Food, Good or Bad

Reheating the food is quite common in all households irrespective of place of origin. Though few people are cautious and mostly prefer to eat only freshly prepared food, the percentage of them as a whole is very minimal NOWADAYS. And the strictly disciplined old generation also tends to bound to the rules of the younger generation and are moulded to follow the habits induced by the faster younger generation. Otherwise, just remember your grandma's cooking habits in which they used to cook freshly all three times. Yup, I can understand we all are working women and no time to cook all three times, but "WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY" and when it comes to your health cost I guess you all will look out for options to eat healthy and freshly cooked food.

Reheating can actually be done for one time and the temperature should be at least 165F.  And the most important thing is that all the foods should be kept immediately in the refrigerator after 4 hours of cooking. What exactly happens is, if we leave the food on the dining tables for hours together, we are indirectly inviting germs,(Bacteria) to come and have the food ;-) Slowly the bacteria start multiplying in the leftover food.

In order to kill the dangerous bacteria and even their spores the US FDA advises boiling food for at least a minute at 150 degrees or even above temperatures.

Reheating actually reduces not only the quality but also the taste of food particles. If you guys love to have a tasty and highly nutritious meal better go for a freshly cooked meal.

In any case of time issues better reheat the food only once and also thoroughly and serve or eat the reheated food immediately. 

If still, food is leftover please donate to poor people around you, no need to call fancy numbers and wait till they come and pick your food,  just look around and donate your leftover food if any, to the needy, whom you will find many around your house or locality.

In this way you will have two benefits, i.e., you will be prevented from the toxic effects of stored food and instead, if you donate, that will help many poor people to fill their tummy:-) and huge self-satisfaction which is worth millions :-)


The other way to prevent all the reheating process is just to cook small quantities each time.

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