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Before we get into this, let me clarify that there are 2 types of Lactose Intolerance, and it’s important for you to be clear of the type of Lactose Intolerance, you’ve been suffering from.

Type 1 (Primary) – It’s from childhood that you are intolerant to milk and milk products. Type 2 (Secondary) – It’s the intolerance to milk or milk products, you tend to experience from a certain period of your middle age or earlier.

If it’s Primary, you gotta stay away from milk products and look for alternative sources of Calcium, Protein, Vitamin D, and Phosphorus.

If it’s Secondary Lactose Intolerance, it mostly might have occurred due to some serious damage to your Gut mucosa, which usually occurs due to an acute Gastroenteritis, or an allergic reaction to your digestive system, any parasitic infection, celiac disease, drug-induced enteritis, etc.

These attacks may make your intestinal lining damaged temporarily, and thus it cannot absorb the digested milk products. In certain instances, the digestive enzymes responsible for the digestion of milk may also be impaired, in the form of low secretion, thus, the more you consume milk, the more undigested particles you’ll have in your tummy, which will create havoc, in the form of gaseous disturbances, bloating, abdominal discomfort, nausea, fullness, etc.

The remedy is just to totally avoid all the milk products, for a certain period of time, work on repairing your damaged Gut, with Healthy eating habits, as well as a proper lifestyle. It may take time, depending on the extent of the damage and the period of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Once the repair is done, you can slowly introduce small quantities of milk in proper form and slowly by observing how your tummy reacts and if no unhealthy symptoms, can gradually start taking milk products too.

How to take milk and milk products, and what milk is actually healthy for us in Today’s World – Will be discussed in the next article, Stay Tuned – GOOD DAY

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