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How to Prevent the Dreadful Complications of Type-2-Diabetes Mellitus

When Diabetes reaches a stage where it cannot be controlled and starts affecting the blood vessels and nerves, that’s when the patient with long term Diabetes starts experiencing Diabetic complications.

The complications of Diabetes are dreadful and morbid which makes the quality of life worse. High blood sugar can impact various other parts of your body like eyes, Heart, kidneys, Feet, Nerves, skin, and even may cause erection problems.

There are ways to prevent those complications by proper treatment, dietary changes, and a good and active Physically active lifestyle.

The first step towards not being prey to Diabetic complications is to keep your disease under control.  Always ensure that your blood sugar levels are under control with appropriate management from your concerned physician and regular checks to get your blood sugar and HBAIC tested also is a part of keeping your sugar on track.

Second is, you have to make sure that your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal, as high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels may add on to the adverse fluctuations of sugar levels and may lead to changes in the blood circulation thus may lead to heart diseases.  Eating a low-salt, less oily diet, and including a good amount of fiber into your daily diet, helps a lot.

Third: You gotta quit smoking, if, at all you are a smoker, Smoking harms your blood flow and raises your BP. Taking help to stay away from the addiction to smoking helps to a certain extent.

Fourth: Check your feet regularly, in order to avoid a condition called Diabetic foot, wherein any small cuts, sores, scrapes, blisters may go unnoticed, due to the lost sensations in the peripheral nerves at times, which in turn may lead to gangrene foot and amputation of the leg also at extreme cases. Thus regular inspection of feet helps in identifying such risks at the budding stage only.

Fifth: Stress is a major culprit of uncontrolled sugar levels, which may be the hidden cause of Diabetic complications. It's important to realize the areas burdening you, sorting things out, maintaining discipline, delegating things, doing things that make you happy, and joyful are all the small things that will have a huge impact on your stress cortisol levels, which will counteract the Insulin levels.

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