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Summer has arrived, bringing along with it, the intense heat, and also the remedies too. Confused?? Mangoes that are available only in summer are helpful in fighting against the summer heat.

Especially the green mango drink (AamPanna) is an olden Indian drink known for its heat- resistant properties. Prepared from the blending the raw mango along with spices, sugar, and few herbs makes it not only a tasty and tangy drink but also one of the healthiest drinks during summer.

Aam Panna is being famous since the olden days especially in the northern parts of India, and people in those days believed that Aampanna is a kind of tonic which helps in preventing Tuberculosis, Anemia, Dysentery, and Cholera. Wow... This makes Aampanna act as a natural vaccine during summers. So instead of those painful shots, why not go for this natural, tasty, sweet, tangy and spicy chilled Aampanna

Let’s check out a few health benefits of this ancient drink.

Tummy friendly drink: Aampanna acts as a perfect remedy for stomach problems, helps in combating with the indigestion problems during the summer months, the pectin in mangoes helps in curing certain problems like dysentery, diarrhea, dyspepsia and even constipation (this is one of the foods that cures both diarrhea and constipation). It even acts as an antiseptic by stimulating acid secretions of bile and thus helps in healing any intestinal bacterial infections. Also a helpful drink in Jaundice, Urticarial rash, and other Liver Diseases.

Fights Heatstroke: Aampanna being rich in electrolytes helps in replenishing the lost electrolytes due to excess sweat during the hot summers. The excess water content also helps in treating the dehydration during the summers. So a glass of this drink helps in energizing you during the mid-day

Natural diabetic drink: Raw mango has a lower glycemic index when compared with the ripe mango, and therefore helps in acting as an energy drink, as well as a rehydrating natural drink for Diabetics.

The powerhouse of Vitamins: Vitamins C, A, and B Vitamins makes AamPanna more nutritive. The Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen and is good for maintaining the skin and hair integrity, helps in boosting the immunity, the Vitamin A is good for the eyes and acts as an antioxidant, which indirectly helps in preventing against certain kind of Cancers. The B6 Vitamin in Mango acts as a mood elevator due to its stimulation of Gama-amino-butyric acid (neurotransmitter), which helps in calming the mind and also relieves the stress.

Exam friendly: The glutamine present in Aampanna helps in increasing your concentration, and also increases the memory power. So all the parents, please offer a glass of Aampanna to your kids during the exam period

Happy heart: Aampanna helps in forming new blood cells, the Iron content in Mango helps in doing so and the elasticity of the blood vessels is maintained by the vitamin C content in Mango, thus helps in clear blood flow in the blood vessels of the heart. The fibre in mango helps in preventing the accumulation of cholesterol in heart blood vessels thus helps in preventing sudden heart attacks.

Prevents Cancer: Vitamin A, C acts as natural antioxidants and also stimulates the production of many antioxidants like Quercetin, Astragalin, Methylgallate, Isoquercitrin. The abundance of these antioxidants helps in protecting our body from certain cancers like Lungs, prostate, breast, leukemia, stomach, etc..

Food for skin: Being a Nutritionist, I get many patients enquiring about the best food for healthy skin. Mangoes being rich in Vitamin C and A is one of them. These vitamins help in maintaining the moisture of the skin and hair, thus preventing them from becoming dry and brittle, especially during summers. Thus a glass aAamPanna adds value to your beauty as well J Certain skin disorders which occur during summer months are prevented or cured with the vitamin C content in the Mangoes, as Vitamin C increases the immunity levels and prevents you from getting such fungal infections due to excessive sweating.

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