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Health benefits of Strawberries

Being another excellent source of Vitamin C, including strawberries in your daily diet will help in preventing damage of tissues and also the protein in the lens of the eyes are protected from the harsh UV rays of the Sun. In this way, strawberries prevent the risk of developing Cataract. Vitamin C has a double role in our body, as a Vitamin and an Antioxidant.

Vitamin C improves your immunity and thus forms a shield around you and prevents microorganisms from attacking you either internally or externally. This just reminds me of the Baahubali (An epic movie in Telugu) fighting scene where Ballaladeva used a swaying weapon (which stretches up to a long-distance) to fight with enemies. You guys can just think and imagine Vitamin C acting as that weapon in your body to fight with the microorganisms:-)

I have to eat a lot of these strawberries to prevent wrinkles on my face;-) as Vitamin C will act as a natural anti-wrinkle agent. When I say to prevent wrinkles on my face, don’t assume that I'm 50 years or above, have to plan for the future from now itself. Right. So we have to start eating healthy stuff to have healthy skin and body at an older age.

Struggling with extra fat deposits in your body?? And are you extra cautious of what you are eating nowadays!!

Happily gulp the strawberries without any guilt as they are low in fat, low in calories, excess in fibre, low sodium as well as low sugar. Wonderful! Isn't it. When we get delicious and tasty food for weight loss :-)

Folate in these attractive and tempting berries is also abundant, might be there is a connection in this way to women and strawberries more than men, as folate is excellent during preconception which helps in improving fertility as well as during the early months of pregnancy, folate protects the developing fetus from neural tube defects. 

Before all the Men just stare at women enjoying strawberries, do have your share of this lovely fruit as the folate content in it helps in lowering your high homocysteine levels which are quite dangerous for your heart and may provoke heart attack if present in very high levels. 

Strawberries are a medium source of Potassium and low sodium which makes these fruits friendly for Hypertensives, as potassium helps in regulating blood pressure.

Now, the curtain-raiser for the super nutrients in Strawberries, ----' Antioxidants'. Plenty of antioxidants like Ellagic acid, Flavonoids(Quercetin, Kaempferol), Anthocyanins, Lutein, anti- Zeathanthin is found in Strawberries. If you start thinking, how these complicated names are going to help your health. Check this!!

Ellagic acid has a powerful effect on suppressing the cancer cell’s growth, and Flavonoids help in lowering LDL cholesterol which is a Villain of all the good cholesterol in your body.

Not only that, but Flavonoids also helps in preventing you from the metabolic disease, Type 2 Diabetes, by reducing the oxidative damage of your cells.

Polyphenols in strawberries calm down the sugar spikes that occur in diabetics or when normal people eat lots of simple sugar-loaded diets.

Flavonoids act as anti-inflammatory agents and thus help you overcome many inflammatory conditions like Arthritis.

Anthocyanins help in pulling out all your lazy fat dozing happily in your body and stimulates them to get metabolised.

The abundance of Vitamin K and Magnesium makes Strawberries another reason to include them, in your daily diet.

Strawberries are also known to help you to store all the memories in your brain and recollect whenever you need them( I mean it helps to improve your memory)

Fascinated with long, shiny, thick, and lustrous hair as shown on TV advertisements, and also naturally manicured nails?? You gotta eat strawberries regularly as the Biotin in it helps in nourishing both hair and nails.

Nitrate which promotes blood flow and supplies oxygen to all our cells and thus helps in a well established metabolic rate.

Cancer- Antioxidants have recently gained importance just because of their role in preventing the growth of cancer cells. When strawberries are fully loaded with antioxidants, obviously they will play a great role in preventing cancer too.

That was quite a long list of health benefits of the delicious Strawberries.

Bye. I gotta, go to the grocery store to buy a big basket of Strawberries and keep them in my refrigerator so that I and my family will have our daily dose of such a healthy and tasty fruit :-) 

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