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Ghee or Clarified Butter, the Latest Super Food

Being originated in India and widely available mostly in the Asian countries, Ghee is also known as Clarified Butter as it is prepared from butter and we can say that ghee is a purified form of butter and when we say that, you guys can already guess that ghee is better than butter:-)

Ya, true. Ghee is far better than  Butter which is nowadays creating a buzz regarding its involvement in the cause of heart diseases due to the deposition of high cholesterol in the arteries and finally causing Heart attacks.

But our today's topic is the safer form of butter which is Ghee which was actually available since ancient times much before the Butter was introduced to humans.

Ghee!! As we all know it can be stored for quite a long time, when I say a long time, it can be months or even years..and guess how or why?? As we have mentioned that Ghee is clarified butter and all the impurities, water, milk content are removed from butter and thus Ghee is evolved so that it can stay for long, even without the need for refrigeration.

Being a holistic form of food in India, Cow Ghee is used in performing many rituals, considering its purity I guess!!

So why don't you all join me on this small journey of knowing the health benefits of Ghee:-) Ready Friends!!

As the first thing that appears in everyone's mind when we mention Ghee is FAT!! Right!! Yes, Ghee is pure fat and only fat. The form of fat in Ghee is  Saturated fat -65%, Unsaturated fats-30%. The Saturated fats might make all of you step back before you enjoy the purity and smoothening taste of Ghee, but the saturated fats in Ghee are mostly short-chain fatty acids and linoleic acid which acts as an antioxidant and these short-chain fatty acids are needed for better digestion of food and also helps in strengthening the cell membranes. Fats are actually not too bad as you guys assume, they help in hormonal balance, gives you better glowing skin, assist in reproduction and your fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, K, how do you think they are absorbed?? The fatty foods we eat assist in the absorption of these Vitamins.

And moreover, Ghee helps in improving the levels of HDL cholesterol which holds a counter check on the bad LDL cholesterol. The medium-chain fatty acids help in providing energy to your body, a good option for all, especially for kids and athletes. In turn, the energy derived from the Ghee can be used to burn other fats deposited in your body.

The Conjugated Linoleic acid obtained from Ghee has both antioxidant and antiviral properties and thus protects you from any viral infections, inflammations, and even helps in protecting you from cancer.

People who are lactose or casein intolerant can happily include Ghee in their diet as all the milky content is completely removed from ghee so no issues for lactose intolerant people and also casein allergic friends, In this way Ghee is a universal food;-)

The Butyric acid(short-chain fatty acid) plays another super role in production killer T cells in the gut and thus builds a strong immune system, before you all worry of the word killer, the so-called killer T cells act as weapons not on us but on the infections that try to attack us. Wow! Humans have a good inbuilt strong military system across their body;-):-)

Ghee quite commonly used by our ancestors, and if anyone remembers that the first spoon of food is known to have with ghee. Right?? Guess, why? The Ghee is known to help in secretion of gastric acid and aids indigestion. 

Vitamin K2 in Ghee helps in preventing calcification of the arteries thus reduces the risk of Atherosclerosis, Vitamin K also helps in proper usage of the minerals by the body, and important use of Vitamin K helps in facial and dental development by helping in the development of wide symmetrical faces. Thus having Ghee during pregnancy helps in giving birth to beautiful babies:-)

The high levels of Omega-3-fatty acids and omega-6-fatty acids help in mobilising the excess fats and make them shrink and also prevent the onset of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease at an early age. 

Being rich in saturated fats the Ghee whenever used to cook on high temperatures does not form free radicals which are quite dangerous to our body, contrary to other vegetable oils that break down into toxic oxidants when cooked under too high temperatures.

Ghee also has a superb property to keep your mind away from negative emotions, not only being pure, it even helps all of our minds to be pure. Another fabulous property of Ghee is it not only helps in cooking but also helps in the absorption of spices and herbs which are used for cooking.

The Fat-soluble Vitamins like A, D, E, K present in Ghee help in improving moisture of the skin, improves vision, strengthens your bones by increasing the absorption of calcium, and also protect from cancer.

Ghee also is known to increase fertility, and being rich in short-chain fatty acids which are the best form of fats helps in improving the quality and quantity of sperms.

Hold on Friends! Before you all start having lots and lots of ghee, only 3tsp per day is know to be safe and people with Obesity, Heart diseases, etc..are advised to restrict their intake only to 1tsp of ghee per day.

Eat modestly and be healthy:-)

Good Day!!

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