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Milk is definitely a part of our daily livelihood!! We start our day with milk and often end our day with milk or milk products. Being so intruded into our lives, why suddenly has it become an enemy to us. Where are the days we used to savior it deliciously, and what about the memories of our childhood days where we used to enjoy it together with our families??

All the evil bubble that wrapped around Milk and its products is due to our advancements and our greediness for the need of more and more, rather than sticking to our staple and local habits.

Milk should always be consumed warm, and before that, it should definitely be boiled for a nice period of around 10-15 minutes. I remember my Mom, telling me that, we should wait till it nearly overflows at least 3 -4 times, and that is when we know it is properly boiled.

With all the pasteurization and the homogenization, we think, milk is already cleaned and heated chemically and we use it either cold or just semi-boil it.

Another important factor is always, its best to opt for non-homogenized milk, raw, organic for our daily usage. Such organically, obtaining raw milk, should be properly boiled and if at all you feel, you have digestive issues, you can always start small, like around 50 ml of milk, and for better results, can always boil milk with a pinch of ginger, turmeric, black pepper and saffron for cleansing and removing the toxins from your gut and the spices will help in digestion of the protein and fat in the milk.

Milk when mixed with sour, chilly foods will actually create an unhealthy environment in your stomach, so it's always better not to add milk either in your curries or smoothies. Sweets prepared with milk are accepted as they will be properly boiled.

If you are still worried that you cannot digest milk the proper way, have milk, somewhere around the midday or afternoon times, as that is when your digestive fire is at its peak and you can digest milk completely.

Milk is highly nutritious, filled with protein, good fats, and fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, and minerals responsible for our growth and strength.

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