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Dietary Advice for Patients with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

Gestational Diabetes is a rise in your sugar levels, which has occurred after you became pregnant. The exact values will be known mostly in the second trimester. It is important for patients with GDM, to take more care, as the imbalance in your sugar levels may impact the growth of the fetus.

Along with regular Blood sugar monitoring and the advice given by Gynaecologist, Diabetologist, or Endocrinologist, it is also important to adopt lifestyle and dietary changes in order to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

Regular walking, being active, without straining or stressing much can help to improve the metabolic rate in such patients, thus balance Insulin levels and further the sugar levels too.

Drinking enough water, staying hydrated, avoiding carbonated drinks, and reducing the intake of caffeinated beverages like excessive tea, coffee also may help.

Including colorful, fresh, and seasonal fruits, combining them with few nuts or a raw vegetable, may help in keeping a check on the Glycemic Index. Fruits can be taken as mentioned by your Dietician or Clinical Nutritionist. Even the time and quantity of fruits has to be taken care of.

Dark green leafy vegetables are full of fiber and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which are not only less in calories but also full of nutrients, that will help you to be healthy, and also the excessive fiber will relieve you from any unwanted inflammatory progress of Diabetes occurring in the body.

Including good fat foods like ghee, unsweetened curd, milk, Nuts, Fish, eggs etc. will help in the nourishment of you and the fetus as well in a healthier manner.

Pulses are a rescue for patients with Gestational Diabetes mellitus; they are filling, nutritious, easy to prepare, affordable, and protein-rich. 1-2 Portions of pulses daily is advised for pregnant women with high sugar levels.

Prefer complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates, so that the Glycemic Index of the foods you eat will be lesser and thus may not cause fluctuations in your sugar levels.

Its highly crucial to avoid all sugary foods like chocolates, biscuits, Icecreams, cakes, Junk foods, packaged foods, preservatives in foods, etc..

Portion control is a key factor while advising a diet for a pregnant woman with Diabetes mellitus. Moderate amounts of food at regular intervals, along with regular monitoring of the sugar levels, is highly advisable.


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