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Caution!! Never Ever Reheat These Foods

In continuation with my previous blog post, regarding reheating the refrigerated food, I would like to continue mentioning certain foods that we daily eat, but are not aware of what foods may be toxic if we store and reheat again and again for 2-3 days.


Being a very healthy vegetable, Mushrooms are very sensitive and delicate and should be treated with great tenderness:-) Once you prepare the yummy Mushroom curry or mix in your veggie salad, you better finish it off in one stretch. The reason is the good amount of protein present in Mushrooms will undergo degradation and may even cause serious digestive or heart problems. So, Beware Friends, whenever you cook this pretty umbrella-shaped cute, tender vegetable, try to limit the quantity you cook.


These superfoods which are rich in antioxidants may turn carcinogenic(foods that cause cancer) when stored in refrigerator and reheated. The nitrate content in them is the cause of the toxicity of these vegetables.


These are one of the most common foods used extensively worldwide and I guess even a few states use potatoes as their staple vegetable. Easy to prepare, handy, and always available in the kitchen, tasty and kids friendly vegetables at a reasonable price and so on...Potatoes have to be served immediately after cooking and in any case, the meal is delayed the potato curry should be placed inside the refrigerator after 2 hours of cooking. In case left outside more than that, the Clostridium botulinum bacteria tend to attack the tasty recipe of potato and then start producing spores which are the main cause of Botulism. And theses spores are resistant to heat, so there will be no use if you reheat the curry.


Hmm...Eggs we all know that eggs ( I mean boiled or cooked eggs) should never be refrigerated. The reason behind this is that the protein powerhouse in eggs will be disrupted and deteriorated when stored after cooking and again reheating, so if ever you happen to cook more, better donate to poor and needy :-)


Even boiled rice also is normally not refrigerated, and it is a good practice. If any of you guys remember your olden days that all the vegetable curries used to be cooked first and then the rice would be washed thoroughly and cooked and served immediately hot!! And most of the elders even now prefer to eat only hot rice, compared to the new generation who usually just reheats the rice once again in a microwave oven before eating or else jus eat it cold. Hmm... Even I used to do the same :-( But according to the Food Standards Agency, the longer the rice is kept outside to room temperature, the more favourable it becomes to toxins. And the bacterial toxins in turn will cause vomiting, diarrhea, etc..  So better to cook rice just an hour or even lesser before you eat. This will help you to be healthy :-)


Cooked Seafood also is not recommended to be stored for longer periods in the refrigerator and reheat before eating.


Many protein-rich foods may also be harmful to your body upon refrigerating and reheating, as the storage tends to break down the proteins in the foods which no longer may be useful building blocks for our body, instead certain protein degraded products are very hazardous to our body.


Another protein-rich food, commonly cooked yummy and tasty and tempting which mainly prevents us from donating the super spicy chicken curry to anyone, instead of store it in the refrigerator and eat it in the next 2 days ;-) I guess this happens in most of the households :-) But Chicken being rich in protein tends to be degraded and even the quality of the chicken nutrients, will reduce upon storing, so no point in eating a tasty but not so healthy, low-nutritive food. In worst cases the stored chicken may also be the result of many stomach infections and may disturb your daily routine unnecessarily. SO EAT FRESH AND STAY FRESH :-) 

Take care, dear Friends,


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