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Can Type-2 Diabetes Patients be able to Stop Insulin Injections?

The most common misnomer in Type 2 Diabetic Patients, is that, once they are on Insulin Injections, its for lifetime. Though Insulin injections play a major role in the management of Diabetes, it is important to note that, if you are able to lose weight and include more physical activity and balance your sugar levels, Insulin injections can be easily waived off.

Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas is affected in such a way that the excess sugar in our body, creates a toxic environment in the Pancreas, which is the only Insulin-producing organ. Due to this toxicity, the pancreas loses its ability to produce Insulin efficiently. In such a situation Injection, Insulin helps the patients to maintain their hyperglycemic conditions.  Just by supporting the pancreas with Insulin, before it damages totally, the pancreas may revert to its normal function of producing Insulin slowly.

There are other situations in which, Insulin is given in extreme acute illness such as any infections, in which the pancreas may not be able to produce sufficient Insulin required to combat the high sugar levels at once during that Infection period.  Once the infection is treated and the pancreas is supported accordingly, the patients can slowly be reverted to their routine Oral hypoglycemic medications.

Obese Diabetic patients, who tend to lose weight over a period of time, with a good amount of exercise and healthy eating habits, can be slowly treated with exclusively oral medications and their Insulin injections can be stopped after a continuous monitor of their sugar levels by their respective qualified Physicians.

Introducing Insulin Injections, as soon as Diabetes is discovered, when the patients come in with very high blood sugar levels, actually helps in removing the Insulin injections later in life after a perfect control with diet and exercise, as mentioned by William Bornstein MD, an endocrinologist at Emory Clinic in Atlanta.

“So, we might use medication for a period of time, try to reduce the sugar levels, balance the sugar levels and then stop the medication, and then let the patient try to maintain the normal blood sugar levels with diet and exercise under regular monitoring, which might help in permanently staying away from medications,” says Dr. Bornstein.

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