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Are Simple Sugars The Only Culprit Behind Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus?

Simple sugars are the greatest enemies for Diabetic patients. They tend to stay away from them constantly in order to keep themselves safe and healthy.  Though the notion that simple sugars, cause a spike in your blood levels, they are not really bad, given all the negative reputation in the food circle of Diabetic patients.

There is no specific evidence that simple sugars solely cause Diabetes. But, sadly as blood sugar levels are high in Diabetic patients, people assume that eating sugar might increase the incidence and severity of the disease.

ADA( American Diabetic Association and Diabetes UK) has labeled this notion as a “myth”. Even the “Joslin Diabetic centre” which wrote, Diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar.

The human body actually runs on sugar (Glucose) is the fuel and powers our muscles, brain, and the whole body. The main sugars are gained through fruits, simple carbohydrate foods, and starchy vegetables.  Without Glucose there is no life.

But as Diabetic patients have more than required sugar levels in their body, its recommended that they consume Glucose, giving foods in moderation.

There are many studies that concluded that there is no specific significant effect on total sugars consumed and the risk of developing Diabetes. But they observed that there was an increased risk in developing Diabetes in patients consuming about 250ml of sugar-sweetened beverages daily. This also made them, analyze that, there is a possibility of the associated foods taken along with the sugary sodas, such as cheeseburgers, fries, chicken nuggets, fried foods, fatty animal foods, etc..

So, it's important to notice the overall diet and include or shift to a complete balanced nutritious meal and remove all junk foods from your diet, rather than omitting the energy-giving carbohydrates exclusively.

A lot of fiber-rich food, like vegetables, green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits, whole grains, pulses, sufficient plain water consumption, physical activity, and good sleep all help in managing your sugar as well as insulin levels.

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