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Are Non-Vegetarian Foods Healthy for Sugar Patients?

Diabetes is a serious chronic metabolic disorder that can actually be treated, reversed, and controlled by implementing certain dietary and lifestyle changes INTO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE.

Increase in consumption of calorie-dense foods, including fast foods, meats, and other animal-based foods, sugary, fatty foods, refined foods, and carbonated drinks are the main cause of the increasing numbers of People with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus worldwide.

Observational studies strongly support the role of plant-based foods and their role in reducing the risk of type-2 –DM.

Large cohort studies have even demonstrated that the prevalence and incidence of Type-2-Dm are lesser among people who made a conscious shift towards plant-based diets, from animal foods.

In another Cohort study made in Taiwanese Buddhists, vegetarian men had apparently half the rate of Diabetes, and even post-menopausal women had a lesser rate of Diabetes compared to their counter groups of people who eat Non-vegetarian foods.

Analysis of data from 4.1million person-years of follow –up, the data revealed that people consuming plant-based diets had a 34% lower risk of developing diabetes compared with others, independent of their BMI and other Diabetic risk factors.

Animal-based foods tend to promote Insulin Resistance, especially processed and even unprocessed meat. Even a small increase in red meat consumption disproportionately increases the risk of Type-2 –Diabetes.

Animal protein and animal fats have also been linked to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients. A study conducted in Geriatric patients has shown that a 5% increase in protein intake from meat and meat products was associated with a 34% greater likelihood of type2 DM, even after adjustments of Age, Gender, Obesity, History of Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and other habits.

The moral of the article is to stop eating NON-VEG foods if you are suffering from chronic Diabetes mellitus.

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