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Are you suffering from stuffed feeling around your eyes, forehead, nasal regions and fullness of nose?? Difficulty in taking a deep breath, loss of the sense of smell, heaviness in the head, weakness are few of other symptoms of sinusitis. Though you may be taking medications, I guess those wont be of much relief on long run, even if they are of relief, we cant just keep on popping pills for the rest of our life time, especially during winters !!

So let’s look at a few foods, which helps in both preventing and curing sinus infections. Don’t worry need not go and buy these foods, as they are already a part of your kitchen.

1) GINGER: Ginger is a natural antioxidant, antihistamine, and an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, that helps in healing the inflammation of your sinuses. It can be taken raw, or in a cooked form or in vegetable smoothies or in the form of ginger tea.

2) GARLIC: With the strong Allicin chemical compound in it, garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory effect since ages. It even has anti-bacterial, ant-viral, and anti-fungal effects. To avail 100% of its beneficial effects, better to consume crushed 1-2 raw garlic slices on a daily basis regularly.

3) TURMERIC: Turmeric is another common spice found in our kitchen, which really fights with the thickened mucus in the sinuses. A glass of turmeric black tea can do wonders if you are suffering from stuffed nose and heavy head syndrome ???? (BETTER TO AVOID DAIRY PRODUCTS WHEN YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM A SEVERE SINUS INFECTION, AS DAILRY INCREASES THE MUCUS FORMATION, GIVING ROOM FOR THE BACTERIA AND VIRUS TO GROW RAPIDLY)

4) RADISH: This bland tasting vegetable has tremendous health benefits. It acts as a natural decongestant and has anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Being rich in vitamin C, the immunity levels in your body are well maintained and thus prevents you from a regular attack of your sinuses with the FLU VIRUS.

5) ONIONS: Onions also has anti-histamine properties, which helps in reducing the congestion and inflammation of your stuffed nose. The pungent , spicy flavor of onions really clears off your stuffed sensation.

6) CHILLIES: The powerful capsaicin in chillies helps in relieving the blocked mucus and opens the airways of your nasal passages so that you can easily breathe ? So, this suggests that everything that makes you cry is not that bad ???? Right !!

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