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Obesity and Overweight are the most common signs, which can easily predict the patient’s attainability towards Chronic metabolic diseases, early in their lifetime.

There are a few set of people that are cautious and concerned about their increasing waist line and start precautions and are constantly looking for various healthy methods to burn those extra calories in a healthy way !!

If you are one of them, read ahead….

Including dark green leafy vegetables into your daily diet can be your saviour. Being low in calories, full of water and rich in both soluble and mostly insoluble fiber, leafy vegetables are one of the most common recommended foods by Dieticians and  Nutritionists.

Multiple studies have been published on the fact that these intense colourful edible leaves helps in losing weight in a very healthy manner. The researchers have noticed a significant reduction in the weight numbers in patients who regularly ate green leafy vegetables , rather than those who barely included them into their diet.

Another interesting fact that the researchers from Sweden have noticed is, that the Dark green leafy vegetables had an extraordinary capacity to prevent the unhealthy cravings that usually tend to cause bingeing on a lot of Junk food and ultimately increase weight. Thus an easy remedy of preventing your cravings is just by including varieties of leafy vegetables into your daily diet.

The Dark green leafy vegetables are feed for the good bacteria in your Gut , and thus by ingesting a lot of variety of greens you are indirectly improving your good bacteria in your gut , which in turn will protect you from various diseases.

Dark green leafy vegetables are loaded with Thylakoids, which are found in plants and are responsible for carrying out photosynthesis. These Thylakoids have a magical property of, suppressing appetite and thus can be mentioned as a Gold mine for people looking to lose weight. 

Thylakoids are even known to increase the hormone CCK, which helps in promoting the feel of fullness, thus reducing unnecessary cravings. They even reduce the levels of Ghrelin and increase the levels of Leptin after meals, which are the actual hormones related to regulate Appetite (HUNGER ).

Thus by controlling the Appetite , leafy vegetables can easily control the amount of calories that we are consuming on day to day basis.

Fiber is fats biggest enemy, thus, including foods rich in Fiber will hugely benefit one who is looking forward to lose weight successfully. Fiber supplements are not that 100% effective when compared to the fresh dark green leafy vegetables. 

More than these direct benefits of helping in weight loss, the low calorie , economical , tasty and versatile leafy vegetables have a lot more of indirect effects too which will  help you to lose weight faster.

Lets discuss about them in the next blog..

Till then, 

Eat Consciously and Live Healthy.

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