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Weight loss has become a Billion, Dollar industry these days. Plenty of Diets, Wellness products, Enormous amount of free content is released every minute on various tips to lose weight, many Doctors, Nutritionists and Dieticians and Holistic specialists out there are available within reach to help and even the Governments, Celebrities and Influencers these days are all promoting Weight loss extensively. 

Inspite of all this availability of enoromus resources  for free, WHY are many people still OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE. And finding it quite difficult to lose weight, and even at any cost, they tend to lose weight with YO YO diets or KETO DIETS, they are soon gaining it back more faster, than they have lost it, especially once they get back to their normal diet. 


Have you guys ever thought that it’s not all the diet plans and knowledge out there or the money you have to afford a Celebrity Nutritionist, or Gym equipment in your house, that causes weight loss. They all can just act as Catalysts in your weight loss Journey.

By now, you might be wondering, what is it that main Ingredient to lose weight ?? 

WILL POWER: Yes, unless and until, you have the WILL POWER  to change your lifestyle and dietary patterns for good, you cannot lose weight. 

You should have the WILL POWER to say NO to all the sweets, cakes, ice creams or soft drinks available around you.

You should have the WILL POWER  to sacrifice all the fancy and lively and mandatory and entertaining parties which are loaded with colorful and tempting foods that will disrupt your dietary regime. 

You should have the Will POWER to convince your family members to support you in your weight loss journey, otherwise if they are eating all the delicious and high calorie foods, at the same dining table along with you,  there may be a time that you can withdraw your willingness to follow your diet in between which will actually be the most frustrating thing to do in a planned and scheduled weight loss plan.

You should have the WILL POWER  to wake up early morning and go out for a walk. 

You should have the WILL POWER  to give up Animal based foods for a certain period of time.

You even should the WILL POWER  to give up Binge watching few shows and swap it with, either into pursuing a hobby or any kind of physical activity , which will help in improving your metabolic rate thus will help you to lose weight faster and even keep you Happy and Productive.

So, Next time, before visiting a specialist to help you to lose weight , make sure that You work on Your WILL POWER and once its strong enough , then that is the perfect time To CONSULT AND TAKE HELP from a specialist in area of Health and Wellness, TO ASSIST YOU IN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY :-)

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