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The secret and strength behind being lean is more of being Healthy. Health has been the latest trend along with the basic need of the hour. Being healthy from inside out makes you more resistant to many infections and many chronic diseases too. 

So, gone are the days being lean is more for the people in the show – business and here comes the days where being lean and healthy is important to survive and exist. 

Obesity makes one feel less confident and less productive at times. Its important to acknowledge the urgency of losing weight in a healthy manner with the help of a guided Nutritionist or Dietician, thus the weight loss journey will be successful and persistent and thus keep you away from the chronic disease burden.

In continuation with our previous blog topic, about dark green leafy vegetables and their direct impact on weight loss , lets look into the indirect effects of leafy vegetables which will help in losing weight along with other added healthier benefits. 

When weight loss and health benefits are coming as a Double Bonanza, WHY not pick and add and cook and eat all the variety of leafy vegetables available in the market on a regular basis .

The abundance of Iodine in sea weed helps in proper Thyroid functioning , thus when Thyroid gland and thyroid hormones are in place , your weight issues will be in place for sure. 

The abundance of Phytochemicals in greens helps in preventing the oxidative stress that usually tends to cause Obesity. 

Calcium is actually more easily and efficiently absorbed through the green leafy vegetables, than from milk. Leafy greens like Spinach have 99mg of calcium in 100mg.

Potassium is mostly known for heart health and blood clotting effect, but have you known that this mineral even helps in losing weight ?? Foods rich in potassium, promotes weight loss and one such foods are dark green leafy vegetables . The ability of potassium to prevent fluid retention, build muscles and supply energy from the foods we eat helps in losing weight in an indirect manner.

Stress can be a major factor behind your obesity or weight issues, thus including foods that reduce stress helps in over-coming Emotional Obesity. Dark greens are a treasure nutrients and can be a perfect Antidote for your stress levels , but make sure you include a variety of them , in every meal of your day on a regular basis. 

The abundance of folate and other B vitamins helps in balancing the stress levels and improving the mental health of an individual, thus less stress, leads to less cortisol levels thus lesser cravings of foods and finally a balance of eating habits can be maintained in long term. 

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