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We all suffer from Guilt, at any point of time or throughout our life. One mistake in the past or a couple of wrong decisions that we might have taken in the past, may be the constant reason for your Guilt, which you tend to live with, day in and day out, ruining your present beautiful life with your loved ones around you Today.

Guilt and Regret are fine up to some extent, which help us not to commit those same mistakes again and again. But daily bogging up on your past will actually not only create a havoc with your Emotional Health, but also will have an impact on your Inner Health and will be exposed in the form of Chronic diseases, like Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS, Overweight, Obesity, Hypothyroidism, Cancer and Gastro Intestinal issues etc..

So, it’s important to overcome the ways to stay away from Guilt. If you have tried hard to overcome your feelings and unable to see any difference, it’s high time that you consult a Psychiatrist or Therapist and get the required counselling as soon as possible.

Below are few tips to overcome Guilt, by slightly adding a few habitual tasks into your early morning Routine, that keep your mind and body in calmer and peaceful state thus helping you gradually overcome your thoughts related to your painful past.

1. JOURNALLING: Make a habit of writing 5 points that you are grateful for, every morning. Later list down all the points that you are Guilty for and also those that are bothering your mind daily. In this way, first by penning down the things that you are grateful for, you will create a kind of positive, happy feeling in yourself, which will instantly bring a shift in your mood and fill your heart with happiness or at least contentment. Nd by listing down the guilty things, your heart will be relieved with all the burden in it and you will start feeling much better for that day. Do this task daily for at least 3 months.

2. WRITE A LETTER: Write a detailed letter to the person you might have hurt or done wrong for which you are constantly Guilty of. Explain in detail the situations, your perspective, your fear or anything in real that was going in your life or in your mind that made you to do that mistake. You can post it or directly give it to that person or even not post it , but just by writing down your thoughts in a way you are speaking to that person in real and conveying all your thoughts stored in your mind since years and years will help you to get relieved of the heap of burden in you , thus you can live freely and happily in the moment and work towards your future.

3. LOVE YOURSELF: Learn to love yourself more than ever. We often tend blame us for our guilt of failures, but rarely we acknowledge our skills or achievements. Write down in your dairy all about your achievements till now, the school you have passed, the graduation ceremony, your marriage, your kids, your car, your family, your patience, your job and so on.. appreciate and pat on your back for coming this far, even with so much of Guilt and Pain in you. Just imagine with letting go off your guilt, how much more you can achieve and be happy at the same time.

4. SPEAK WITH A FRIEND: Spit out all your grief about your long term guilt to a trustful friend or family member. Research studies have shown that, speaking heartfully with someone who doesn’t judges and actually listens to you rather than just hearing you will be as useful as consulting a professional therapist at times. So, don’t be selfish with your feelings , just share and I promise, your burden will be reduced.

5. SERVE MANKIND: Convert your Guilt into Service. Try to help as many people as possible , by guiding them not to commit the same mistake which you have done Give them suggestions , how they can do better to avoid regretting later in life. When you spread you gained knowledge from your pain to Others then only, your pain will start melting and turn into a major Purpose towards Serving Mankind. 

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