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We all love sweets or cakes or chocolates or Icecreams. Mostly we’d love to have something sweet after Dinner or lunch, which is actually more dangerous as it will add on more calories. When we are sad or happy or partying or alone, our go to foods are Sweets or sugar loaded foods. The emotions itself cause a hormonal turbulence and on top if you are dodging yourself with these heavy loaded sugary substances it will create a havoc in your inner metabolism and you’ll land up into a Hormonal imbalance status, which ultimately may lead you to Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, PCOS, Cancer, Arthritis and so on.

Moral of the story is not stay away from sweet forever, rather substitute the unhealthy foods with healthy sweet n tasty alternatives.

So, Let’s know about few healthy and natural sugary foods which we all can eat without guilt.

1. YOGURT: Excellent source of healthy natural sugar. Comes with a good amount of protein, calcium, and probiotics. So whenever you have a craving for a sugary, fatty ice cream substitute with frozen plain yogurt and chop in few pieces of freshly cut strawberries, apples and bananas and enjoy happily the safest sweet dessert.

2. WHOLE WHEAT BREAD: Bread, Rice and Roti are all good sources of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the major source of energy for our body. The carbohydrates are nothing but simple sugars and complex sugars, which are purely natural. These natural sugars are perfect in providing both energy and a sweet taste for your taste buds and keep your moods calm and reduce your cravings for unhealthy added sugary foods.

3. CARROTS: The bright orange colored root vegetable also has a good amount natural sugar in it, and will make a good alternative of healthy sugary food. Boiled or raw form of carrot is a pack of sweet taste and loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

4. APPLES: As we all know that all the fruits are natural sources of sugars like fructose and sucrose. Along with the natural sugar content, fruits are also the best sources of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre too. Apple is a good sweet food and can be versatile too, you can have it in the form of raw fruit, or a milkshake or with frozen yogurt or just dried slices dipped in honey with a sprinkle of cinnamom powder to add on that extra flavor and taste.

5. SWEET POTATOES: Another healthy naturally sweet food is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes though known since ancient times, recent research, suggests that they are the best sweet snacks as they are loaded with beta-carotene, which will raise your vitamin A levels required for good vision. Sweet potatoes also contain anthocyanins which have antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties, which inturn protect your body from infections, inflammatory conditions like arthritis and even cancer.

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