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Being immersed in the roller coaster of the life wheel, we often forget to stop and analyze the food we are giving to our children. Though not all, I can say nearly 90% of the kids are behaving or suffering with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome).

The signs and symptoms of this disorder are, episodes of hyperactivity and moodiness alternatively.

A small research should start from your kitchen!! 

Here I’m there to help you to ditch certain foods for the well being of your kids and obviously the future champions of our Nation.


Sugar as we know is the main culprit of ADHD in kids. The food manufacturers tend to add more sugar in most of the foods that attract kids (more sugar more sweeter & more shelf life) So we can say sugar is a hero for the food manufacturers whereas a big villain for kids. Stop buying all the foods with added sugar more than 22%. Ex: Jams, sauces, packaged drinks, rusk, milk powders, packaged juice powders, chocolates, cream biscuits, bournvita, badam mixes etc..


Ex: Gems, skittles, jujubes, M&M’s, macaroni’s, colourful icing & cream over pastries, soda’s, icesticks, lollipops, marshmellows etc..

Show me a kid saying No to a colourful snack!! But beware that there is a witch behind that attractive coloured foods, which attacks your kid’s internal well being.

A major point of concern, in which the government’s should intervene to ban or add an alert sign on the foods which use extensive artificial colouring substances. As these foods are linked to certain behavioural disorders in children like anxiety, hyperactivity, headache, childhood obesity, Diabetes, stroke etc.. 



These are another hidden swords in the foods we tend to eat and feed our kids regularly.

ex: MSG.(monosodiumglutamate) a flavor enhancing & addicitive substance, commonly used in foods, causes mood and behavioural changes, hyperactivity, headaches etc..

Sodium benzoate usually dissolved in the tasty and tangy juices which kids are more attracted is also a dangerous product for the kids development slowly over a period of time.

Most of the party foods are loaded with food additives, which everyone overlook the exact content of the foods and tend to binge on them while focusing more on the activities during the parties, which actually lead your child towards an aggressive teenager.


Next comes the salt!! Food manufacturers just want to increase their shelf life of their foods and make them tasty. Salt fulfiils their wish.

Ex: packaged chips, processed, canned foods, cookies, sauces, French fries etc are all loaded with tons of salt.

This excess salt causes severe mood imbalance, kidney disorders, hypertension, obesity, osteoporosis, stroke, epilepsy in later ages or in adulthood.

All sounds scary, Right??

So just a bit of research, and care before picking your kids food, will have a major impact on their future to lead a healthy and happy life.

Health is the biggest treasure in modern times!! No wonder to the recent trend going back to the ancient eating patterns ditching all the modern junk foods!!

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