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Flaxseeds have known to be medicinal since ages, and were useful as both food and medicine. It’s again in the recent times, they have gained more limelight and are being commercialized and available to all of us widely.


The recommended quantity to be consumed on a daily basis is 1-2 tbsp and flaxseeds should always be consumed in a powdered form, as the hard shell of these seeds is pretty hard for us to digest. Pregnant women, patients with bleeding disorders are not recommended to use these flaxseeds.


And now comes the extensive health benefits of this shiny, browny seeds.


  1. Good for
  2. Helps in reducing
  3. Relieves
  4. Great for patients suffering from
  5. Helps in improving Hair
  6. Highly effective in prevention of
  7. Useful in treating Cancer
  8. Helps in balancing sexual
  9. Improves your skin tone and prevents all kinds of dry skin
  10. Recommended for menopausal women, helps in preventing hot


Confused on how to incorporate this tiny, highly nutritious seeds into your daily routine. Below are few of the ways, I use often to make sure, me and my family have the nutritional benefits of flaxseeds.


  1. 2-3 tsp of flax seed powder in roti making dough, depending on the number of individuals, you are making for. (1tsp for each one)
  2. A tsp or two while blending juices, be it vegetable juices or fruit
  3. A tsp in warm
  4. 1-2 tsp in
  5. Sprinkle some flaxseed powder on top of
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