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Bullet proof Coffee has been trending, especially in people interested to lose weight, drastically, I can say!!

We all love, sudden, immediate results and wanna see the end result sooner. And that’s where, The - Bullet proof coffee has gained attention of millions in the world.

It is known to curb your Hunger, in such a way, that you tend to consume lesser calories over the day after having Bullet Proof Coffee. Being loaded with medium- chain saturated fatty acids, it helps in burning your calories and forming ketones, and these ketones in turn helps in suppressing your Hunger hormone – GHRELIN!!

The good fats in Bullet proof coffee, helps in maintaining the energy levels, improving your Brain Health, balancing Insulin levels, and thus helps in Overall Hormonal balance.

Its more commonly advised in people following either a KETO-DIET or INTERMITTENT FASTING, to cope up with their cravings in between their strict diet schedules.

Though, this BULLET PROOF COFFEE, helps in shedding out a few pounds quickly in a short period of time, over a long time, it can actually cause mineral deficiencies as, refraining yourself from complete, balanced meals for longer periods, may have a huge impact on your inner health irrespective of your slim, perfect figure.

Substituting a meal with this one cup of coffee, may help in burning fat, but slowly depletes a lot of minerals or just causes a lot of micronutrient deficiencies over a period of time, which are actually highly essential for a lot Macro-functions in our Body.

And, if you cannot reduce the total amount of calories even after consuming Bullet Proof Coffee, especially, if you tend to consume a lot of fatty foods, it might hugely impact your overall CHOLESTEROL levels, on long run, as BULLET PROOF COFFEE, has a higher fat content, that is required by our body in a day.

Finally, the choice is yours, choose wisely, according to your body needs, and it’s always best to consult your DOCTOR or NUTRITIONIST before including any recent trends into your daily dietary pattern. 

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