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These beautiful glittery seeds are one of the healthiest foods. Chia seeds are on top of the list of Superfoods and has an interesting history attached to them. They were used by Athletic warriors, as they were known to provide immense energy needed for intense physical activity. Highly valuable they were perceived in those days and thus were even used for trading in exchange of currency.


We may not use them for trading, rather, let’s appreciate and utilize all the goodness in chia seeds and in return let us attain GOOD HEALTH !!


Chia seeds are JEWELS for VEGANS, as they are loaded with Protein, Omega-3 – fatty acids, Calcium and other nutrients, which are normally available either from, dairy products or animal foods.


The excess Fibre in Chia seeds is highly essential for us to flush out our toxins, and thus keep us away from any kind of metabolic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS, Arthritis etc..


The Mucilage in Chia seeds, helps in keeping us full for a longer period of time, thus keeps us away from any unwanted junk food craving and also helps us to consume lesser, good quality calories, rather than low quality – higher quantity calories J


The water absorptive character of these tiny seeds, helps in improving hydration and also retaining water in our body, thus helps in fighting heat inside our body and thus can be classified as one of the edible cooling agents for our body.


The high amount of anti-oxidants and the mineral load in Chia seeds helps in fighting diseases, and also helps in prevention of cancer. Chia seeds are also known to provide Immunity against Respiratory diseases like Cold, and Flu.


Unlike, flaxseeds , Chia seeds are quite safe in Pregnant women and even known to provide good amount of energy for lactating mothers.


SIDEEFFECTS: May cause hypersensitivity reactions in allergic individuals. Not allowed for patients taking blood thinning tablets.

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