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Hot weather not only brings in heat but also excellent foods that help in combating the heat. Bottle gourd is one of such foods. It is one of the versatile vegetable which is full of water.(96%)

Lets have a look of a few of the healthy benefits of this super food.

1. Beauty food: The Vitamin C in the bottle gourd helps in maintaining the skin integrity and also strengthens the hair follicle, as Vitamin C improves the Collagen formation. In this way it helps in vanishing all the wrinkles and also improves the dryness of the skin, by the antioxidant activity of the Vitamin C, which actually plays a fantastic role in fighting with the oxidative radicals.

2. Improves sleep: Bottle gourd with its high water content and cooling effect helps in calming your body as well as brain and helps in curing insomnia (sleeping disorders).

3. Summer cooler: Being rich in water content (92-96%) bottle gourd helps in maintaining the hydration of the body, especially during summers and helps in treating fatigue and also replenishes the electrolytes of the body.

4. Tummy friendly food: The high fiber content, both soluble and insoluble fiber helps in curing constipation. Bottle gourd also improves the digestion by improving the secretion of various digestive enzymes, thus problems like flatulence, abdominal distension etc.. will be improved by including bottle gourd in your diet regularly. It is also good in curing diarrhea, as it improves the electrolyte balance of the body.

5. A must for Diabetics: Bottle gourd juice as well as curries, are gaining importance nowadays as being Diabetic friendly. The fiber, water content and low calories in it helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Zinc in bottle gourd helps in regulating the insulin levels of pancreas, which in turn helps in regulating the blood sugar levels. 

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