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We are help to educate, empower and develop a diet that you will truly love. 

No crash diet | No hard rules | No giving up

Best Nutritionist in Hyderabad

Dr.Vani Srinivas is a clinical nutritionist who makes your body transformation a journey to remember. 

She walks her talk who have herself transformed her weight and health through her knowledge.

As the best nutritionist in Hyderabad, she just doesn’t advice, she makes it happen for you!

At Astra Wellness Nutrition, you will be spoiled with choices with multiple diet plans

Weight Loss

Dr. Vani breaks the myth that weight loss means giving up your favorite food! Her tips will make you life easier, making your weight loss journey pleasant.

Weight Gain

Tired of trying all the methods to increase your weight & yet no results? Weight gain is a smart process which developed by an expert brings fruitful results.

Personalized Diet Plan

BP, PCOS, Hyperthyroidism, Arthritis are all caused by an imbalance of nutrients in the body which can be rectified by our best diet clinic in Hyderabad.

Kids Diet Plans

Low-energy levels, nutrition deficit, laziness, and any other negative emotions can be transformed by our child nutritionist in Hyderabad.

What They Say About Us

Our 97% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our fields

Dr. Vani is absolutely amazing, not only as a dietician but also a person who doesnt push you too much and keeps the diet realistic and practical. I had gone to her when i hit a point where nothing was working and i was not able to loose weight. With her diet not only i loose the weight i targeted but am also able to maintain it as i feel my metabolism has increased. Thanks Dr. Vani. keep doing the good work.

Yaashika Mehta

Dr. Vani has a very balanced approach to reach one’s health goals. After following her diet plan, my husband managed to lose weight gradually without feeling weak or hungry. Another positive point about Dr. Vani’s diet plan is that it is very easy to follow as she recommends food which can be easily made with normal, easily available resources. She also provides alternate options in case one is not comfortable with a particular item. Keep up the good work, Dr. Vani. Will surely get back to you when needed. Thanks and regards, Anjali.

Anjali Varma

If you wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle and are health concern, then you have come to the right nutritionist. Dr. Vani Srinivas is an amazing doctor and I have been enrolled with her since past 1 year. She has changed my mindset about a healthy diet and has encouraged me a lot of stuff that I thought increase weight. She motivated me to stick to a healthy lifestyle no matter how difficult I find. But also, at the same time she understands the challenges I face for my health issues and keeps guiding and motivating me for the same. It's not easy to adapt to a healthy life choice but certainly becomes a bit better when someone like her is their to guide you. Thank you Dr. Vani Srinivas for the best healthcare guidance.

Monideepa Ghosh Sengupta


    Body transformation is a lifelong commitment. 

    The more you dedicate to your diet habits, the better the results.

    3 Months

    Develop a lifestyle with our 3-months package to witness results you only imagined but never manifested!

    2 Months

    Start getting on your own with us to observe changes that makes you confident about staying committed to your health.

    1 Month

    A hand-holding process to keep you educated & empowered to start a new healthy routine for a fit life.